Press Releases

The winning tool for your brand’s visibility and authority

An important tool for every activity that aims to increase your visibility,
brand awareness and authority is represented by the press release.

The press release is an effective form of external communication and promotion
of your business that allows you to reach aimed results and goals.

Press Releases: why are they important for your business?

Press Releases are an essential tool in Public Relations’ World, also in terms of Digital PR.

With the right press releases you can obtain achievements and optimal benefits.

Specifically, with the right Public Relations and Digital PR strategy, by taking advantage of press releases in the best way, you can:

  • Increase visibility

Press releases are an ideal tool to increase the business’ visibility, thanks to the content publishing on medias which support at their best an aimed target’s attention on certain products and services.

  • Relationship building with medias

Press releases allow to create a relationship with the medias, which users consider as a source of high-quality contents. The creation of the right contents on the best medias for the referred business is, so, the best solution to increase your audience’s loyalty.

  • Increase online reputation

Through the right press releases, you can earn a higher reputation in your field. In this way, you will not just increase your potential targeted customers’ trust, but you will also improve your reputation in the referred field, either it’s B2B or B2C.

  • Improve business opportunities

Press releases help generating the right business opportunities in your referred field. When a press release is published, it can be read by a wide audience which includes potential business partners, customers, or stakeholders.

  • Spread successes, news, and novelties

Press releases are a tool for companies and freelances to communicate news in a quick and professional way.

  • Increase the reach on the website

With a well structured press release, you will gain the attention
of media and consumers and, in this way, increase the reach on your website.

Rankister’s Press Office Service.

Press Office’s service is the best tool to be able to create an effective communication strategy capable of
reaching the proper results in the short-term.

Press releases’ sending.

Rankister’s experts’ team manages both the writing and the sending od the press releases to online editorial staffs, bloggers, and journalists, according to your field and referred target.

The service guarantees that every press release is ready in just 24 hours and reach a wide visibility according to the news’ scope.

Rankister’s press office supports you also in the publishing on national and local online journals. This is possible thanks to the relationship that we were able to develop with journalists and influent bloggers in their referred fields.

With the Press Releases’ sending service and Rankister’s Digital Press Office, it’s possible to reach the required visibility and improve your Digital PR Strategy.