Digital PR

Do you need a professional team capable of managing your digital public relations?

Rely to Rankister’s experience and to its contacts with editorial staffs, bloggers and influencers
in order to make your external communication business take off!

How does the digital PR service work??

Rankister’s Digital PR service represents a solution thought out especially for brands, companies, e-commerce and freelances who intend to upgrade their Digital PR strategies.

By relying on the Digital PR’s experts, you’ll be able to have access to a professional service, which will allow you to increase your business or brand’s visibility, via content creation, articles, and press releases to
publish on the best digital channels, in order to generate leads for your products and services.

The first step to reach the aforementioned goals is to create a structured Digital PR strategy, studied and personalized according to your business’ exigences and goals.
After creating the best strategy, we manage the contents’ writing, which will be specifically customized by journalists and professional copywriters.
Each content, article or press release is made to catch the interest of editorial staffs and journalists which
will receive it and will proceed to its publication.


A network that makes our Digital PR strategy a successful activity!

In order to create a good Digital PR strategy, being able to individuate the best digital media for publishing customized content is not enough.

Having a wide and structured contacts’network bonded by a years-lasting relationship is, in fact, necessary.

By working in the field from several years, Rankister offers you the opportunity to publish your contents on the main local and national journals, and also on the most influential blogs for your referred field.

Our relational network with bloggers, journalists and influencers gives us the possibility of supplying you a very high-quality service which will bring concrete results for your Digital Public Relations strategy.

Custom contents.

Each content is custom made for your business. Every article and press release are written by professionals in the referred field who know how to catch the journalists and editorial staffs’ interest and who are also able to increase the lead generation of the brand, as well as the number of readers.

There are no ready-made solutions, only custom contents created according to your goals or to the necessity of communicating news about your business.

We also help you promoting the brand and the possible launch of exclusive products or services with the right press releases!

The benefits of Digital PR.

A Digital Public Relations strategy is among the needed elements for an external corporate communication
capable of bringing benefits to the brand authority and to its visibility.

“I communicate, so I exist”. This is the essence of communication ad of the advantages that it can bring to a company. There is no visibility without communication, especially in the modern world, where business rivalry is getting highly increasing every time, in every product and service market.

Creating a Digital PR strategy with the support of a professional team will offer you several benefits

1  Brand authority

Increase of brand awareness and brand authority

2  Website visits

Increase of the interactions between your brand and leads

3  More visits

More visits on your website or e-commerce

4  Lead generation

Intercepting the largest number of targeted users and readers interested to your products/services

5  Positioning

Upgrading the brand’s position in the referred market

6  Digital PR

A targeted communication strategy which will help you to grow up and increase your popularity