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Rankister App is the perfect instrument for creating Link Building and Digital Public Relations campaigns,
since it allows you to strategically choose which are the best medias to use for your promotional and SEO Off Site Activities.

The access to the media catalogue is immediate and offers you a careful overview, by providing you with
the access to analysis and information for every present editorial product.

Choose the best medias for your publications by analyzing them

Updated Metrics (ZA-DA-ZR)

Contents – based Categorization

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Editorial product’s type

Create your own projects.

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Media Catalogue’s access and evaluation are only the first step
to realize your Digital PR and/or Link Building Strategy!

1  Choose the perfect medias

Add to cart the most suitable medias for your strategy’s exigences

2  Pay for publications

Proceed to payment (We use safe payment systems and circuits!)

3  Protected Payment

The payment will be kept by Rankister, and the publisher will receive the sum once the content’s publication is confirmed.

4  Chat with the Publisher

Chat and communicate with the publisher to ensure that your contents will be published correctly.

5  Track the Publications

Monitor the progress, the engagement, and the impact of your contents, in order to optimize your publishing strategy.

6  Just a click away from invoices.

Have comfortably access to the “Balance” section, in order to visualize and track your invoices.

Need help? Lacking time?

Rely to Rankister’s team.

La piattaforma è molto intuitiva e permette di svolgere facilmente analisi dettagliate dei media
presenti nel catalogo.

Però se non hai tempo oppure hai semplicemente bisogno di aiuto puoi affidarti al team di esperti
di Rankister!

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