Design Link Building & Digital PR campaigns autonomously.

  • No intermediaries: sign up for free and have access to a wide catalogue of blogs and journals in which you can publish your articles.
  • Create and start your Digital PR and link building campaigns autonomously. Go online in few hours and obtain immediately visibility and authority, saving time and resources.

Plan your digital contents in only one place.

Rankister is the platform which connects the advertisers who want to purchase spaces for their contents with the editors that are offering spaces.

You will be able to manage your digital communication strategy by analyzing in the best way possible the magazines, blogs and online journals features among the ones in the catalogue.

Digital PR management requires an enormous number of connections with bloggers and journals. By using Rankister, you will not have to worry about making extended and dispersive researches anymore, since they require time and negotiations.

You will immediately have access to a catalogue with over 5000 editors. You will also select categories, evaluate data analysis and asked prices.

Manage your digital communication on Rankister without any commission cost or enrollment fee!

Brand Awareness

Improve your brand’s online presence and/or support your professional image with quality contents that talk about you and your business.

SEO Positioning

Structure in a careful manner, without losing time in negotiations with privates, your link building strategy and improve the positioning for the keywords that you are interested in!

Increase user’s reach.

Increase qualified reach to your website or e-commerce- Choose the proper journals and blogs to intercept your referred audience and generate interest around your brand.


Improve your lead acquisition strategy and increase conversions by conducing targeted users to your landing page, website, e-commerce.

Talking about us.

Rankister: the platforms that connects
advertisers and publishers.

How to publish with Rankister?

1 Subscribe for free

Subscribe to Rankister for free and in few clicks! After subscribing as an advertiser, you will be able to use the platform from the start, by choosing the best medias for your link building & Digital PR strategy.

2 Examine the media catalogue

You’ll have at your disposal a wide media catalogue with journals, blogs, social pages and influencers, divided for categories, among which you can easily choose thanks to detailed forms, analysis and updated metrics.

3 Pay for publishing

Choose the medias on which you want to publish your articles, contents, and press releases, you will make the payment to Rankister, which will act as guarantor and will release the payment to the editor only after your confirmation that the publishing happened according to your indications.

4 Track the releases

You can track releases thanks to the free monitoring service offered by Rankister, which allows you
to notice immediately if one of the contents you purchased has been removed by a publisher.

A wide catalogue one click away.

Rankister is the easy and quick solution to plan your Digital Communication campaigns autonomously and quickly.

The media catalogue available on the platform features thousands of publishers and answers to companies, brands, e-commerce or marketing agencies’ needs.

Why choose Rankister?

By enrolling as an Advertiser on Rankister you will have access to a whole world of Tools
for Digital PR and Link Building on just one platform!


Rankister puts in contact advertisers who are willing to publish contents with the publishers, who are offering their media spaces. It’s the publisher who decides the suitable price and has all the interest in making it become the most competitive on the market.


The platform helps companies, brands, digital marketing agencies, e-commerce reaching visibility, authority, and online positioning goal in their markets, thanks to the proper external communication strategy.


Are you in need of structuring a link building project? Do you want to improve your project in SEO terms?
Start immediately to create your link building strategy by selecting blogs and journals that fit perfectly with the field that interests you, evaluating in a brief amount of time metrics and features of every product presented in the media catalogue.


You can manage your Digital Public Relations strategy completely autonomously, in an easy and quick way!
Digital PR has never been so accessible! Zero difficulties in getting in touch with the best editors in Italy and abroad! Choose among high-profile editorial staffs and blogs in order to improve corporate communication
and reach the right visibility goals!

An experts’ team at your service.

You don’t have time or the right expertise to manage your Digital PR or Link Building campaigns, or you need support?

Ask for help to Rankister’s experts’ team.

We always answer quickly, and we help you finding the most suitable solution to solve your problem.

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